Laser Quest Session #2

Last week I had the pleasure of working with the great staff at Laser Quest (Website) for the second time in an ongoing International image re-branding. The following is a selection of mostly completed composites. The laser have been left unfinished as the client wanted the option to put that in themselves. I would like to give a special thinks to Peter Finnie who assisted me on the past two Laser Quest shoots. Having only minutes to setup for multi exposure composite and executing multiple locations would have been impossible without the speed and efficiency of us working together.

laser quest

About The Company:

Laser Quest is a family entertainment venue combining the classic games of hide-and-seek and tag with a high tech twist. Our multi-level arenas have specialty lighting, swirling fog and energetic music to add to the excitement for up to 30 or more players in each game.

Laser Quest also offers special packages for birthday parties, day camps, youth groups and sports teams. Schools and other youth organizations can also experience Quest for Knowledge,¬†Laser Quest’s¬†educational program. Laser Quest also offers corporate team-building events.

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