Tip of the hat to a great man, Saul Porto.

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook… Its great for some things, not so great for many more. But, yet again, facebook came though in connecting me with one of the most influential photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Saul Porto!

Some of you have met him at some of the older Wakestocks, Wasaga and one of the Toronto years. If you didn’t have the chance let me tell you how awesome this guy is. Six or seven years ago, when I was still fresh fish to the event photo world, I met Saul for the 1st time. We talked shop and hung out at the event though out the week. At the time I was using the first generation Canon Rebel and I believe Saul was on the 1 series (canon of coarse). I don’t know what I did right but the man actually lent me his 28-300mm L series lens to use for a few days. Saying ‘just give it back when your done’.  I had just met him two days before and now he was lending a 18 year old kid he didn’t know a $1,500+ lens. I was in heaven as I was only using some Tamron 28-300mm as a zoom.

Years following I would always look forward to seeing Saul again. He brought me along to my first Grand Prix shoot at Mosport International Raceway where I learn a lot about not standing too close to cars moving 150mph… but also had a great time.

Saul is an amazing photographer and if you have the chance check out some of his work, Top News Photo and News Agency

Great hearing from you Saul, keep up the great work.


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