Rothphoto Interview

What kind of art do you create?

My medium is Photography, all types of it too. I feel fortunate enough to have spent my formative years shooting film as I got in the game before digital cameras.

What art genre does your art reflect?

I work primarily in action sports photography but I stopped trying to classify my work in a specific genre when I transitioned into the corporate/commercial world years ago as my work reflects the brief set by art directors these days.

Where you grew up?

Well, I grew up in Barrie, Ontario but I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent quite a bit of time on the road over the past decade. Working with event organizers and marketing teams has sent me around the world on assignments and articles. When I’m local I prefer to spend my time in Collingwood. I love the area and it makes sense for me to be there with all the winter action sports I photograph.

How long you have been Artistically creative for?

I found my fathers camera 9 (Canon EOS-650) when I was about 12 years old and never put it down. I was an ambitious little guy and would literally go through hundreds of rolls of film to learn the camera and lighting techniques of images I would see in magazines I loved. Officially, I just celebrated my companies 10th year anniversary on February 1st, 2013!

Where you get your creative inspiration from?

Mainly, from deep inside this crazy mind of mine. Through learning how light works pre-digital I gained an understanding of how to take an idea and translate it into a finished product without having to play around with hours of tweaking and test shots. I believe this is one of my strongest attributes in the commercial world.

Although, anyone who would tell you they are not inspired by outside influences is lying. Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working with the photographers that I admire to this day. In snowboarding guys like Rich Odam, Russel Dalby and Dano Pendygrasse are amazing photographers who do and have inspired me at some point in my life. Especially Odam, I owe that man a lot of thanks as he guided me in the early days of my career. I also work with a tight knit group of photographers in the local area, our group works together to educate, assist and set standards in each of our fields of photography. I would like to give special recognition to Ryan & Erika Rowell and Peter Finnie who have inspired me time and time again.

Where you like to snowboard and skateboard?

Locally I love Blue Mountain, Beaver Valley and Mount St. Louis Moonstone. If I had to pick my favorites from the travels I have done it would have to go to the Big 3 in Banff and Breckenridge, Keystone and Vail Colorado. I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited them frequently on assignments throughout the years.

Where you work or what you do to get by?

I’m always ‘On Location’ so I’ve never had a use for a studio so my home base are my websites. and Since I started ten years ago that had been my only job. I made the commitment long ago to stick to it, good or bad. I’m thankful every day that I turned something I love into a career.

What are your usual hang outs?

Usual hang outs? I guess that would be Collingwood / Blue Mountain, all year around I love the area. You can usually find me at The Casbah, Kaytoo, Snowboarding, at a Golf Coarse or Floating down a river with Sailor Jerry’s and Coke in hand.

Any other interesting or funny facts?


Won an official medal at the Summer X-Games in 1999 for playing a video game –

Crushed a 72oz steak –

Won an international beer drinking tournament (Video of the final round) –


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